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Psychology and Counseling: Find Books

This guide will lead you to some starting points in your psychology research. (Including resources in Chinese / 含中文資料)

Find Books in Tyndale Libraries

General Call # area for Psychology is BF from the main library can be found at the back of the Education Library. . Go to to search for books in WorldCat.

BF1-990 Psychology

BF38-64 Philosophy. Relation to other topics

BF173-175.5 Psychoanalysis

BF176-176.5 Psychological tests and testing

BF180-198.7 Experimental psychology

BF203 Gestalt psychology

BF207-209 Psychotropic drugs and other substances

BF231-299 Sensation. Aesthesiology

BF309-499 Consciousness. Cognition Including learning, attention, comprehension, memory, imagination, genius, intelligence, thought and thinking, psycholinguistics, mental fatigue

BF501-505 Motivation

BF511-593 Affection. Feeling. Emotion

BF608-635 Will. Volition. Choice. Control

BF636-637 Applied psychology

BF638-648 New Thought. Menticulture, etc.

BF660-685 Comparative psychology. Animal and human psychology

BF692-692.5 Psychology of sex. Sexual behavior

BF697-697.5 Differential psychology. Individuality. Self

BF698-698.9 Personality

BF699-711 Genetic psychology

BF712-724.85 Developmental psychology Including infant psychology, child psychology, adolescence, adulthood

BF725-727 Class psychology

BF795-839 Temperament. Character

BF839.8-885 Physiognomy. Phrenology

BF889-905 Graphology. Study of handwriting

BF908-940 The hand. Palmistry

Other parts of the collection that contain Counseling material

Counseling Psychology  is generally found under BF636.A2-Z . . .However, if you are looking for books about counseling of specific groups of people or interest areas, you may find that they have a different call number in some cases:

Psychoanalytic counseling BF175.4.C68

Mentoring BF637.M45

Pastoral counseling BV4012.2

Rehabilitation counseling HD7255.5

Vocational guidance HF5381

Employee counseling HF5549.5.C8

Educational counseling LB1027.5

Health counseling R727.4

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy RC 435


Tyndale has purchased access to over 400,000 ebooks. In addition, thousands more are available in the public domain. WorldCat brings these resources together in one place. Simply narrow your search to include only ebooks. You may also search the databases below to do a more refined search.

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