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Psychology and Counseling: Find Articles

This guide will lead you to some starting points in your psychology research. (Including resources in Chinese / 含中文資料)

Find Articles

What are journal articles?

Why are journal articles so important?

Journal articles, particularly those found in scholarly journals, are a very important source of scholarly research because they:

  • Synthesize the latest research and theories of scholars, researchers, experts and thinkers
  • Contain reviews of the latest developments, trends, and techniques in your field of study
  • Contain information that is more current then what could be found in books and encyclopedias
  • Often contain extensive bibliographic reference lists that can be used to direct you to other important resources for your research
  • Sometimes contain topical information that cannot be found anywhere else

What are journals?

Journals or "periodicals" are magazines that are published on a periodical (i.e. monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) basis.

There are 3 different types of journals:

1. Scholarly or "Peer-reviewed" Journals

  • Published by research centers, academic presses, or professional associations
  • Written by researchers or experts in the field (i.e. faculty, researchers, experts, etc.)
  • Contain the academic credentials and/or institutional affiliations of the author(s)
  • Are reviewed and critically evaluated ("peer reviewed") by a board of experts in the field
  • Tend to be longer - more than 5 pages - in length
  • Contain bibliographies, endnotes, and footnotes
  • Are written using the scholarly or technical language of the discipline of study

Examples of scholarly journals:

Journal of Religious Ethics         Journal of Religious History          New Testament Studies          Religious Studies

2. Trade Magazines

  • Published by professional or "trade" organizations
  • Written by staff writers or specialists in the industry
  • Often, but not always, list the credentials and/or institutional affiliations of the author(s)
  • Are usually reviewed by an editor
  • Tend to be moderate - around 5 pages - in length
  • May, though not often, contain a short bibliography
  • Are written using the language of the industry

Examples of trade magazines:


3. Popular Magazines

  • Published by commercial presses
  • Written by journalists, staff or freelance writers
  • Rarely, if ever, contain the credentials and institutional affiliations of the author(s)
  • Are usually reviewed by an editor and are not "peer reviewed"
  • Tend to be shorter - less than 5 pages - in length
  • Rarely, if ever, contain a list of cited resources
  • Are written using the language for a general audience

Examples of popular magazines:



OK. So now you know what a journal article is. The next question is "How do I find all these journal articles at the Tyndale Libraries?". Visit the next the "How to find a journal article" page to find out how.