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A research guide for locating children's and young adults' literature available through and beyond the Tyndale libraries.

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About the Children's Literature Collection

The Education Library has an extensive collection of fictional and non-fictional materials for children and young adults.

Tyndale's collection contains award winning titles, as well as essential classics for audiences of all ages. The library collects titles that are relevant to all areas of the Ontario Curriculum.
This research guide is designed to help you locate children's and young adult's literature at the Education Library and to locate resources online.

Education Library "Book of the Week"

Five Secrets in a Box by Catherine Brighton
From the book cover

"Young Virginia's famous father sleeps during the day and studies the sky at night. While he is sleeping, Virginia discovers a box on his desk with five objects inside - four glass lenses and a feather. A child's-eye view of Galileo's discoveries as seen through the eyes of his daughter."
(Ages 5 - up)

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Bethany Conboy

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