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Assessment and Evaluation: Home

This guide is designed to provide examples of classroom assessment and evaluation resources for Teacher Candidates. It provides online resources, links to professional organizations, and indigenous resources.


Coming to Terms with Student Outcomes Assessment

by Peggy Maki

Demonstrating Student Success

by Marilee J BrescianiMegan Moore GardnerJessica Hickmott

Mathematics assessment and evaluation : imperatives for mathematics educators

by Thomas A. Romberg

Learning from Change

by Marisol Estrella

Developing Teacher Assessment

by John Gardner

Classroom assessment and the National Science Education Standards

by J Myron AtkinP J BlackJanet Coffey

Linking Teacher Evaluation and Student Learning

by Pamela D TuckerJames H Stronge

Teaching and Learning in the Primary School

by Andrew PollardJill Bourne

Succeeding with standards

by Judy F CarrDouglas E Harris

Testing, Friend or Foe?

by P J Black

Transformative Assessment in Action

by W. James Popham

_Social Practice and Social Product

by Ann Filer

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

by John Blanchard

Test Better, Teach Better

by W James Popham

Conceptions of Assessment

by Gavin T. L. Brown

Sage Handbook of Research on Classroom Assessment

by James H McMillan

Printed Resources

Understanding Assessment and Evaluation in Early Childhood Education

by Dominic F. Gullo

Storage - LB 3051 .G85 2005

Educational Imagination

by Elliot W. Eisner

ABBA Stacks - LB 3051 .G85 2005

Accountability, Assessment, and Teacher Commitment

by Betty Lou Whitford and Ken Jones

Storage - LB 2806 .22 .A249 2000


Assessment Clear and Simple

by Barbara E Fassler Walvoord

Storage - LB 2822 .75 .W35 2010

The competent classroom : aligning high school curriculum, standards, and assessmen

by Allison Zmuda and Mary Tomaino

Storage - LB 1607 .5 .Z68 2001

Effective grading : a tool for learning and assessment in college

by Barbara E Fassler Walvoord and Virginia Johnson Anderson

Storage - LB 2368 .W35 2010

Developing and implementing assessment of student learning outcomes

by Andreea M. Serban and Jack Friedlander

Storage - LB 2366 .D48 2004

Designing and using tools for educational assessment

by Madhabi Chatterji

Storage - LB 3051 .C453 2003

Classroom assessment : principles and practice for effective instruction

by James H McMillan

LB 3051 .M462499 2004


Classroom literacy assessment

by Jeanne R Paratore, Rachel L McCormack

LB 1576 .C5636 2007

Storage, e-Book

Curriculum and assessment for students with moderate and severe disabilities

by Diane M. Browder

LC 4031 .B695 2001


Introduction to rubrics

by Dannelle D. Stevens and Antonia Levi

LB 3063 .S74 2005

Storage, e-Book

Disruptive classroom technologies

by Sonny Magaña

LB 1028 .3 .M333 2017

ABBA Teaching Tools

Developing self-regulating learners

by Deborah Butler, Leyton Schnellert, and Nancy E. Perry

LB 1060 .B877 2017

ABBA Teaching Tools

Encyclopedias and dictionaries

Encyclopedia of distributed learning

by Anna DiStefanoKjell Erik RudestamRobert J Silverman

Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology

by Neil J SalkindKristin Rasmussen

Learning theories, A to Z

by David C Leonard

Sage Handbook of Research on Classroom Assessment

by James H McMillan 


Professional Organizations