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Education Resources: New resources

A guide to resources for B.Ed teacher candidates

Teaching Tools

Adding English : a guide to teaching in multilingual classrooms

by Elizabeth Coelho

LC 3715 .C636 2016

Special education in Ontario schools

by Sheila Bennett, Don Dworet, Tiffany L. Gallagher, Monique Somma

LC 3984 .2 .O5 W42 2019

Fun and Fundamental Math for Young Children

by Marian SmallGraham Fletcher

QA 135 .6 .S5648 2018

Everything You Need to Ace Math in One Big Fat Notebook

by Altair Peterson; Ouida Newton

QA 11 .2 .E947 2016b

Hands-On Social Studies, Grade 1

by Jennifer Lawson

LB 1530 .H36 2014 Gr1

Hands-On Social Studies, Grade 2

by Jennifer Lawson

LB 1530 .H36 2014 Gr2

Hands-On Social Studies, Grade 3

by Jennifer Lawson

LB 1530 .H36 2014 Gr3

Complete MathSmart. Grade 6.

1 week reserve

QA 43 .C65 2019 Gr.6

Complete MathSmart. Grade 7

1 week reserve

QA 43 .C65 2018 Gr7

Complete MathSmart. Grade 8

1 week reserve

QA 43 .C65 2019 Gr8

Complete MathSmart. Grade 9

1 week reserve

QA 43 .C65 2019 Gr9

2020 Annotated Ontario Education Act.

edited by Roderick C. Flynn

KEO 770 .A29 A56 2019

Children's Books

Emma's gems

by Anne Renaud, Lean Franson

PS 8635 .E51 P5313 2019

Meet Tom Longboat

by Elizabeth MacLeod; illustrated by Mike Deas

GV 1061 .15 .L65 M34 2019

A Plan for Pops

by Heather Smith; Brooke Kerrigan 

PS 8637 .M5623 P53 2019

The Reptile Club

by Maureen Fergus; Elina Ellis 

PS 8611 .E375 R47 2018

Counting on Katherine

by Helaine Becker; Dow Phumiruk 

QA 29 .J64 B43 2018

Giraffe and Bird Together Again

by Rebecca Bender 

PS 8603 .E5562 G575 2018

Go Show the World

by Wab Kinew; Joe Morse 

E 89 .K55 2018

Albert's Quiet Quest

by Isabelle Arsenault 

PS 8601 .R7538 A4 2019

You're Safe with Me

by Chitra Soundar; Poonam Mistry

PZ 7 .1 .C44519 Yo 2018

Sleep, Sheep!

by Kerry Lyn Sparrow; Guillaume Perreault

PS 8637 .P374 S64 2018

Superheroes are everywhere

by Kamala Harris, Mechal Renee Roe

E 901 .1 .H37 A3 2019


La peur

by Genevieve Nilsen 

BF 575 .F2 N5514 2020

La joie

by Genevieve Nilsen 

BF 575 .H27 N5514 2020

La tristesse

by Genevieve Nilsen 

BF 575 .S23 N5514 2020