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Linguistics: Find Books

This guide is the gateway for using the Tyndale Library to study Linguistics.

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Find Books in Tyndale Libraries

General Call # area for Linguistics is P. Many of the available linguistics books are in onsite storage and can be requested using our Horsey Express Service.  Go to to look up books in WorldCat.

The following is an outline of the Library of Congress Classification system if you wish to browse our shelves. The linguistics books that are not in onsite storage are located in the ABBA Resource Centre silent room.

Linguistics Call Number Ranges
P1-85             General
P87-96           Communication. Mass media
P94.7             Interpersonal communication
P95-95.6        Oral communication. Speech

P98-98.5        Computational linguistics. Natural language processing
P99-99.4        Semiotics. Signs and symbols
P99.5-99.6     Nonverbal communication

P101-410       Language. Linguistic theory. Comparative grammar
P118-118.75   Language acquisition
P121-149       Science of language (Linguistics)

P201-299       Comparative grammar
P301-301.5    Style. Composition. Rhetoric
P302-302.87  Discourse analysis
P306-310       Translating and interpreting

P321-324.5    Etymology
P325-325.5    Semantics
P326-326.5    Lexicology
P327-327.5    Lexicography
P375-381       Linguistic geography

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