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New Testament Scriptures: Find Books

A guide to finding resources for BSTH 1023, especially items on Second Temple Judaism.

Find Books in Tyndale Libraries

Search Tyndale WorldCat to find books on your topic. Start by entering a basic term - such as "second temple" - into the search box and looking through the results. This is especially useful for finding ebooks on Second Temple Judaism.

Make sure to look under library defined subject headings - such as Jews History 586 B.C. - 70 A.D. and Judaism History Post-exilic period 586 B.C. - 210 A.D.  - for more precise results. Many useful books on Second Temple Judaism are overlooked simply because the term "second temple judaism" does not appear anywhere in the title.

Spend time reading through some of the reference works listed elsewhere on this page to understand what Second Temple Judaism is and isn't. This will help you to identify those overlooked gems in our collection.

Some useful ebooks can be found here. Look for more general works on Second Temple Judaism, such as the books by Lester Grabbe.

Online Reference Books

Cambridge Histories Online

Includes the four-volume Cambridge History of Judaism.

Gale Reference -- Religion

Click the link then choose Religion. Some useful sources include Encyclopaedia Judaica, New Catholic Encyclopedia, Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices, Encyclopedia of Global Religion, and Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development.

Oxford Biblical Studies Online

Includes The Oxford Handbook of the Bible, The Oxford Handbook of Biblical Studies, The Oxford History of the Biblical World, The Jewish Study Bible, The Oxford Bible Commentary, and more.

Oxford Handbooks Online

Includes The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Studies, The Oxford Handbook of Eschatology, and The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies.


Reference Books

Here is a selective list of print reference books to consult in the library.

Civilization of the ancient Mediterranean : Greece and Rome

DE 59 .C55 1988 (3 volumes) - Main Library Storage (use our Horsey Express form to request these books)

Dictionary of Judaism in the biblical period : 450 B.C.E. TO 600 C.E. 

BM 50 .D525 1996 (2 volumes) - Main Library Stacks

The Eerdman's dictionary of early Judaism  

BM 176 .E34 2010 - Main Library Reference

The encyclopedia of Judaism  

BM 50 .E639 1999 (3 volumes) - Main Library Reference

The encyclopedia of Judaism  

BM 50 .E63 1989 - Main Library Storage (use our Horsey Express form to request this book)

Jewish writings of the Second Temple period  

BM 485 .J49 1984 - Main Library Stacks

Zondervan illustrated Bible backgrounds commentary -- New Testament

BS 491 .3 .Z67 2002 (4 volumes) - Main Library Reference