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Child Development, Mental Health, and Well-Being: Find Online Resources

This research guide is designed for people seeking information and resources about mental health, addictions, well-being and services for young people across Ontario.

Suggested Websites

Evaluating Online Health Resources

The following selection criterion for health information websites was taken from the University of Michigan website.

  1. Authority 
    * Who is responsible for the creation of the website?
    * What is the person's and/or organization's credentials?
    * What is the person's and/or organization's worldview/ideological background? 
    * Does the site provide any contact information?
  2. Currency
    * Is the information on the website up-to-date as far as you can tell?
    * How often is the website updated or reviewed on a regular basis?
    * When did the most recent update and revision of the website content occur?
  3. Information Status
    * Are there any restrictions on the use of the website content?
    * If there are any restrictions on the use of the website content, is the website clear about them?
    * What is the purpose of the website? Is the website there to inform or to try and sell you something?
  4. Information Value
    * Does the information seem unbiased, objective and balanced?
    * Is the information written in a language suitable for its intended audience?
    * Does the website provide information and content matter suitable for its intended audience?
    * Does the website provide information and content that would be helpful for your spiritual journey?
    * Does the website provide links and suggestions to outside resources you can use to find out more information?
  5. Information Quality
    * Does the website give the source of the health information?
    * Can the information claims be backed up by the latest medical research and/or scientific inquiry?
    * Has the content on the website been reviewed and approved by a team of medical experts?
    * Is the information accurate to the best of your knowledge? Is it free from any factual and/or grammatical errors?
  6. Navigation
    * Can the information on the site be easily located from the Home Page of the website?
    * Can the content of the website be easily search, navigated and browsed?
  7. Useability
    * Are there any inactive and/or outdated links on the website?
    * Do you have to pay any fees to use any of the content of the website?
    * How does access and use of this website compare to other trusted websites that you use to find similar information?