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Kits and Manipulatives Directory: Kindergarten

These items are located in the Kits and Manipulatives Room in the ABBA Resource Centre

Teaching Resources

The enormous Easter egg.

GT 3933 .H3 kit4 1995

Friend for me.

PZ 7 .S76 kit1 1989

Hey Diddle Diddle

PZ 8 .3 .M67 kit1 1989

Hickory dickory doc.

PZ 8 .3 .M67 kit2 1989

Itsy bitsy spider.

PZ 8 .3 .R49 kit1 1989

Jack and Jill

PZ 8 .3 .M67 kit3 1989

Little Boy Blue

PZ 8 .3 .M67 kit4 1989

Little Jack Horner

PZ 8 .3 .M67 kit5 1989

Little Miss Muffet

PZ 8 .3 .M67 kit6 1991

Mary had a Little Lamb

PZ 8 .3 .R49 kit2 1995

The night before Christmas.

GT 3933 .H3 kit3 1989

The Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly

PZ 8 .3 .R49 kit3 1989

The orange ghost.

GT 3933 .H3 kit1 1989

Ten Terrible Dinosaurs

PZ 8 .3 .S856 Ten 2000

The Thanksgiving story.

GT 3933 .H3 kit2 1996

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