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An A to Z listing of all the puppets housed at the Tyndale Education Library.

Welcome to the Tyndale Education Library Puppet Directory

Welcome to the Tyndale Education Library's Puppet Directory

This guide is intended to help Tyndale University College & Seminary students browse the puppet collection at the Education Library. If you want to use this directory, simply click on one of the letters at the top of this page to find the corresponding description of the puppet (i.e. M for monkeys; etc.).

Find support materials for puppets

Are you looking for some cool ideas on how to use our puppets in the classroom? If so, you can try using one of the following subject headings to find printed and electronic resources at the Tyndale Libraries:

  • Puppets
  • Puppets films
  • Puppets plays
  • Puppets drama
  • Puppets fiction
  • Puppets television programs
  • Puppets theater
  • Puppets in art
  • Puppets in literature

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