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Web 2.0. Resources for the Classroom: Blogs

A guide to help teachers find Web 2.0 tools and resources to use in the classroom

What is a "Blog"?

A "blog" is an online diary or journal. A "blogger" is someone who creates a blog. The term "blog" is an abbreviation of the term "web log".

Blogs are user generated and the entries are usually displayed in reverse chronological order. While blogs were originally used as personal diaries, more and more individuals and groups are using them to provide commentary on news and specific topics. Typically, blogs contain text, pictures and links to other blogs and websites.

Another important feature of blogs is that readers are often able to leave comments on a particular entry in that blog.

Blogs in the classroom

The following are some suggestions on how blogs can be used in the classroom:

* teachers can post questions and/or problems for students to discuss online

* students can post discoveries and opinions on a topic on their own blogs

* teachers can use a blog as a class management tool to post announcements, assignment info, feedback, tips, etc.

These suggestions and more can be found at the Web 2.0 survival guide website

Find "blogging" tools

The following is a list of links to some of the popular blogging tools on the internet.

Examples of blog use in classrooms

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