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Web 2.0. Resources for the Classroom: Wikis

A guide to help teachers find Web 2.0 tools and resources to use in the classroom

About wikis

A "wiki" is a website that allows its users to add, change or delete content within its pages. The term is used to describe collaborative authoring applications: the most well known being "Wikipedia".

Wikis are often powered by a wiki software or a wiki hosting site. These sites are typically intuitive and easy to use: designed so that anyone can participate in them. Most wiki sites require users to register and often contain levels of access to different parts of the site.

Wikis are often used as community websites and note-taking services.

Wikis in the classroom

The following are some ideas on how wiki sites can be used in the classroom:

* use a wiki as a class management tool: create areas for course details, class topics, study guides, resource lists, etc.

* ask students to form small groups and build wiki spaces around a class topic (use the history function to monitor student contribution)

* ask students to write their own wiki pages on course content

These suggestions and more can be found at the Web 2.0 Survival Guide website

Find wiki tools

The following is a list of links to some of the popular wiki tools on the internet.

Examples of wiki use in the classroom

Subject Guide