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Learning Module: Indigenous Perspectives & Primary Junior Social Studies: Introduction

A guide on how to find indigenous perspectives on topics taught in the Ontario primary-junior social studies curriculum

The Five "W's" of Indigenous Perspectives of Education

Who are the indigenous people of North America?

  • The indigenous people of North America include the first nations, Metis, Inuit, and American Indian peoples

What are indigenous perspectives of education?

  • Indigenous perspectives of education are strategies and content that “facilitate learning about contemporary and traditional First Nations, Métis, and Inuit cultures, histories, and perspectives among all students” (Ministry of Education 2014).

When did the Ontario schools start weaving in indigenous perspectives of education into the curriculum?

  • 2010

Where are indigenous perspectives of education taught?

  • Indigenous perspectives of education are woven into and the content and taught in all accredited schools in Ontario 

Why are indigenous perspectives of education taught in the schools? 

  • To help engage Indigenous students in the learning process and to enrich the educational experience of non-Indigenous students

Find Background Information

For more information on the indigenous peoples and their perspectives of education, please see one of the following resources: