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Faculty Library FAQ: Borrowing and Requesting

Learn about library services for Faculty and Instructors at Tyndale University College & Seminary

Borrowing and requesting at Tyndale

What is the borrowing period for faculty and instructors?

Normal borrowing period for most items is 100 days for faculty and instructors. If the item is requested by another patron we may request that you return it before the due date.

For common questions about borrowing and requesting click here.

For requesting articles and books from other libraries through interlibrary loan use Tyndale's WorldCat. Find the item you want and click the button that says "Request Item". There is usually no charge for faculty and instructors. Email if you have any questions about interlibrary loans.

To suggest a purchase click here.

ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program

J. William Horsey Library - ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Policy

The J. William Horsey Library of Tyndale University College & Seminary has joined the ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program. The program connects member schools to serve and loan library materials out to distance and visiting graduate students and faculty.

Tyndale graduate students and faculty in good standing are granted borrowing privileges at other member libraries that participate in the Program.. They are required to show prove of current enrollment or employment at Tyndale.The library will supply a letter of introduction and/or a verification form stating that you are in good standing with the J. William Horsey Library of Tyndale University. Please ask for details or if you have any questions about this Program.

A list of reciprocal participating libraries is provided in the link below.


• A patron from a participating library may walk in and request borrowing privileges from another participating library.

• Participating libraries refer to the official list of participants posted by ATLA on the ATLA Reciprocal Borrowing Program website to determine if the patron is eligible for service.

• Patrons will meet the lending requirements of the library they wish to use.

• Local lending practices will be followed for user privileges. Borrowers will be subject to the rules of the lending library.

• Lending libraries may contact the patron’s home library to verify that the patron is in good standing there.


• Be a patron in good standing at a participating library.

• Be prepared to show proof of current enrollment at a participating library.

• Be informed about and abide by the rules and policies of the libraries they use.

• Return materials in a timely fashion according to the rules of the lending library.

• Assume responsibility for all materials borrowed, including but not limited to payment for lost/damaged materials and overdue fines