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Faculty Library FAQ: Library & Moodle

Learn about library services for Faculty and Instructors at Tyndale University College & Seminary

Library Resources and Moodle

How can I integrate Library content into my class Moodle site?

  • Provide links to articles and ebook chapters to your students on your class page.
  • Provide a link to Library Research Guides for your subject on your class page.
  • Provide links to recommended databases that the library subscribes to.

How do I find links to library e-resources that my students can access from home?

The links you need to use are called permalinks or persistent links. When you find the item in WorldCat you can share the WorldCat permalink. The authentication will then work automatically. Ebsco. Proquest and JSTOR databases also provide authenticated links. 

If you have trouble finding links to library resources contact a librarian and we will be glad to help you.

Should I provide links to articles from library databases or should I provide .pdf scans for my students?

It is best to provide links on your Moodle page rather than .pdf scans. This way you don't need to worry about posting too much from one source. Linking also provides the library with statistics on how much a resource is being used. It is more unlikely that a resource will be cut for lack of use. It also ensures that our vendors have accurate usage statistics to pay the creators of the content.

How much can I post on my class page without getting permission from the copyright holder?

For items under copyright you can post one chapter or up to 10% of a book or an entire journal article in accordance with Tyndale's  Fair Dealing Copyright Policy. For further information refer to the policy or speak to the Library Director, Hugh Rendle . Common questions about copyright are answered here. Moodle sites are randomly audited to check for copyright compliance.

How do I request permission from the copyright holder to use material?

This site will tell you what you need to do