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Case Studies for Education: Books

Use this guide to find case studies for Education

Find case studies at the Tyndale Libraries using the WorldCat catalog

WorldCat is a powerful search engine that you can use to find both print and electronic resources available through the Tyndale Libraries and libraries worldwide. The following boxes contain search strategies that you can use to find case studies for education in the Tyndale Library collections.


To find case studies in titles and individual chapters on case studies in education using the WorldCat search engine:

  1. Enter "case studies" and "education" into the Search Engine on the Tyndale Library website (
  2. Refine your search by adding additional topic-related keywords to your search (Example: "conflict")
  3. Refine your search even further by clicking one of the links in the Topic list on the left-hand side of the Search Results screen

Recommended Keywords

Keywords are user-generated words that can be used to locate resources while conducting research at the library. A keyword search searches for the word(s) in the Title, Subjects Headings, Body, and Abstract of the items' record   

The following is a list of suggested keywords to use when searching for case studies:

  • case study
  • case study method
  • case study methodology
  • case study research
  • case studies

Additional Keywords

The following is a list of potential questions should help you develop a list of Keywords to help you refine your search:

  1. What subject area do you want to explore? (Example: education)
  2. What context do you want to explore? (Example: classroom, schoolyard, etc.)
  3. What population group do you want to explore (Example: high school; middle school; elementary school, etc.)
  4. What standard of practice do you want to explore (Example: care, respect, integrity, etc.)
  5. What issue would you like to explore (Example: assessment, classroom management, etc.)