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Zotero: Getting Started

Use Zotero to gather references, create bibliographies, and more!

Downloading Zotero

Zotero is a free research tool designed to help you save citations and create bibliographies from a variety of online sources. It’s easy to install and use. Most importantly, it will save you time! Follow the steps below to get started.

1. Click on to sign up for a free Zotero account.

2. Next, click here and scroll down the page to see the various download options. We recommend downloading Zotero as a Firefox extension. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed Zotero in Firefox, you will need to restart your browswer for the changes to take effect. There should now be a icon in the lower right corner of your Firefox browser.

Alternatively, you can download Zotero Standalone if you are using a web browser other than Firefox. Make sure to download the version of Standalone most appropriate for your operating system. If you go with the Standalone option, you will also need to download a Standalone Connector, available for Google Chrome and Safari. The Connector download links are located just below the Standalone links. (Zotero is not yet compatible with Internet Explorer.)

3. If you are using Zotero in Firefox, you will want to install a Wordprocessor Plugin, which will allow you to insert and format citations in MS Word and OpenOffice. Click here for the Plugin links. You do not need to install plugins with Standalone, since they are already contained in the Standalone software download. Once you have successfully installed the plugin, you can access it by opening up your wordprocessing software and clicking on the "Add-Ins" tab, as pictured below.

Organization of Zotero

To access Zotero, open your Firefox broswer and click on the icon at the bottom right corner of the web browser. Your Zotero library will appear in the bottom part of your broswer.

Click on the PDF below to view how Zotero is organized.