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Zotero: Adding In-Text Citations and Footnotes

Use Zotero to gather references, create bibliographies, and more!

Adding In-Text Citations and Footnotes

Once you have installed the Wordprocessor Plugin for Zotero, you can start adding citations from your Zotero Library while you write your paper.

1. Before you start, open Zotero in your web browswer. Click the icon and from the dropdown menu select "Preferences." Select the Cite tab. Check the box for "Use classic Add Citation dialog".

2. Open your wordprocessing program and access the plugin by selecting the "Add-ins" tab. A row of icons will appear in the top left of your screen.


3. Click the icon to choose your citation style and how you want your citations displayed.

4. Put your mouse cursor where you would like to insert your citation.

5. Click the icon. Your Zotero Library should appear in a pop-up window.

6. In this window, highlight the work you would like to cite and insert the appropriate page number in the field in the bottom right. Press OK. The citation should now appear in your document.

Adding Other Citation Styles

Zotero comes with several citation styles and adding others is easy.

1. In your Zotero Library, click and from the dropdown menu select "Preferences."

2. Click on the tab at the top of the page.

3. Click on the "Styles" tab.

4. Click on and follow the link. This will lead you to the Zotero Style Repository.

5. Find the styles you would like and click "Install."