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Secondary Resources for Biblical Interpretation: Secondary Resources

A guide to online secondary resources for Biblical Interpretation.

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What is a Secondary Resource

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A Secondary Resource is a document or another item that provides an information about a primary document and/or a historical event. A secondary resources could be a description, an interpretation, an alaysis, a commentary and/or an evaluation of a historical event and/or phenomenon. Secondary resources are often created by scholars, commentators, analysts and/or any other person for a specific purpose and/or a target specific audience. 

The following types of documents are examples of secondary resources:

  • History books
  • Journal articles
  • Encyclopedia entries
  • Commentaries
  • Essays

The following types of documents are examples of primary resources. Secondary resources are different from primary resources that provide a first-hand account of a historical event:

  • Autobiographies
  • Oral histories
  • Legal documents
  • Memoires, diaries, journals, etc.
  • Personal histories

For more information on primary resources please see the What is a primary resource? page.