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Child Development, Mental Health, and Well-Being: Find Classroom Resources

This research guide is designed for people seeking information and resources about mental health, addictions, well-being and services for young people across Ontario.

Checklist for Preparing Classroom Lesson Activity

The following is a preparation checklist for teachers interested in preparing a classroom activity or unit on the topic of mental illness. The checklist was prepared by the Centre for Addictions and Mental Health. The checklist can be found in the document Talking About Mental Ilness.

Before the presentation:

  • Prepare students in advance by covering material in classroom.

  • Establish clear ground rules and expectations for students (e.g., respectful listening, privacy and confidentiality).

During the presentation:

  • If possible, invite a guidance counsellor, social worker, or school nurse to be present

  • Observe students’ reactions to the material and the speakers.

After the presentation:

  • Distribute the resource list of local mental health services and supports to students.

  • Follow up with students who express concerns.

Find Lesson Plans

For suggested resources and materials on how to teach about Mental Health and other related topics in the classroom, please see the Find Lesson Plans page of this research guide.

Suggested Online Classroom Support Documents