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Education Resources: Statistics

A guide to resources for B.Ed teacher candidates

Introduction to Statistics

Why use statistics?

Statistics can help public school teachers:

  • build demographic profiles of their school community
  • build interesting lesson plans and activites for the K-12 classroom
  • teach children social studies and mathematics in a fun and interactive way

For more on statistics:

Canadian Statistics for Teachers

Canada Year Book: Teachers Tool Box

These "lesson plans were created to support curriculum in History and Social Studies..... to help students use the historical information of the Canada Year Book Historical Collection to bring the Canada of the past to life."

Census at School

"An international web-based classroom activity for students aged 8 to 18."

Census Tract Profiles: 2006 Census

"Census tracts are small, relatively stable geographic areas that usually have a population of 2,500 to 8,000." Use these census tracts to build a demographic profile of your school community.

Order the 2011 Census Teachers' Tool Kit

"The Statistics Canada 2011 Census Teacher's Kit is provided free of charge, for use in elementary, intermediate and secondary schools across the country. Students play important roles as future respondents to the census and translators to parents whose language skills are not strong in either of Canada's official languages."

Statistics Offices

Statistics Canada

Home page for Canada's National Statistics Agency

Guide to International Statistical Organizations

United Nations' Statistical Commission's guide to international statistical organizations (i.e. United Nations, etc.)

Guide to National Statistics Offices

University of Berkley's guide to national statistics offices from around the world.

Subject Guide

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