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Education Resources: Find Government Docs

A guide to resources for B.Ed teacher candidates

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About Government Information

The Tyndale Education Library has a small collection of printed government documents distributed by the Queen's Printer of Ontario.

These documents include curriculum documents, examplars and policy documents.

Please note that some documents listed on the Ontario Ministry of Education website are no longer available in print.

Please contact me at the Education Library if you would like more information.

Ontario Curriculum

Ontario Ministry of Education

Home page for the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Ontario Curriculum: Elementary

Curriculum and policy documents for grades 1 to 8.

Ontario Curriculum: Secondary

Curriculum and policy documents for grades 9 to 12.

Canadian & Ontario Law

Canada Copyright Act

Online version of the Canadian Copyright Act.

Canadian Department of Justice E-law website

Database of Canadian federal law.

Ontario Education Act

Online version of the Ontario Education Act.

Service Ontario E-Laws

"Service e-Laws is a database of Ontario's statutes and regulations, both consolidated and source law"

Current Legislation

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Find information on current bills, legislation and debates taking place in the Ontario Legislature.

Parliament of Canada

Find information on current bills, legislation and debates taking place in the Canadian parliament.

Toronto Bylaws

Find information on current and historic Toronto bylaws

Subject Guide

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Find Government Info at the Tyndale Library

For contact information and general information on provincial and federal levels of government click on one of the following research guides.

Order Government Resources

Are you interested in ordering any Canadian government documents for your classroom and/or personal library?

If so, visit one of these sites: