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Education Resources: Find Lesson Plans

A guide to resources for B.Ed teacher candidates

Find electronic resources

Ontario Curriculum

Ontario Ministry of Education:

Elementary Curriculum
(All subjects: Grades 1-8)

Secondary Curriculum
(All subjects: Grades 9-12)

Getting Started

This page is your portal to lesson planning resources that are available through the ABBA Resource Centre and the internet.

If you're looking at lesson plans and lesson plan ideas, it is very important to first consult the Ontario curriculum.

You can then start from this research guide and move on to more curriculum specific websites.

Finding Lesson Plans at Tyndale

To find textbooks, teacher's guides and other lesson planning resources available at the ABBA Resource Centre, please follow these steps.
  1. Go to the Tyndale Library website -
  2. Click on the word 'Catalogue' in left hand panel
  3. Enter the command b8: teaching tools into the search engine
  4. This command will tell the library catalog to search for resources in the curriculum resources collection only.
  5. Enter the command kw: and the subject of your interest i.e. kw: mathematics
  6. Press enter, or on the magnify glass to retrieve results

For more information on how to find lesson planning resources at the Education Library, please check out one of the following links:

Lesson Plan Databases Available Through the Tyndale Libraries