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English Literature: Find Articles

Guiding you to research resources for English Literature

What's a peer reviewed article?

Peer-reviewed journal articles have been evaluated for scholarly quality by an independent expert in the same field prior to being accepted for publication. This screening process ensures that the article meets the standards of their discipline.

Most academic journals are peer reviewed, and many electronic journal databases will allow you to limit your search results to peer-reviewed articles.

Browse English Literature Journals by Topic

Click on one of the following links to browse the printed and electronic English literature journals by general topic area.

Suggested Databases for the Study of English Literature

The following is a list of online databases that Tyndale faculty and students may use to find print and electronic journal articles on literary theory, history and criticism. Tyndale login required for off-campus access.

Exercise time!

Use JSTOR and Academic Search Premier to find a total of 3 full-text reviews of a recent Canadian novel. Use the Advanced Search functions in each database to locate the reviews. Which database did you find easier to search for book reviews? Why?

Do you already know which article you need?

If you have the citation (author, title, title of the journal, page number, etc) for an article and want to get a copy of it follow these steps: