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WorldCat: How to use it: Find journal articles

Your online tutorial on how to find resources at the Tyndale libraries and beyond using WorldCat Local

Find journal articles

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Find journal articles

Search specific databases

Find resources at Tyndale

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Finding articles in WorldCat

You can use both the Basic or Advanced search screens in the Tyndale WorldCat to find journal articles.

Using Basic Search

  1. Start by conducting a simple keyword search for the article(s) using the Basic search
  2. In your Search Results check off the Article and/or the Peer-reviewed boxes
    Note: this will limit your search to articles only. For more information on limits see section on Sorting / Limiting Results
  3. Check off the Full text articles to retrieve records for articles that are available online in full-text
  4. Click on the Title of the article you want in the Results List
  5. Scroll down to the Find a Copy in the Library section. Click the View full text link to retrieve the article from Tyndale's electronic collections. If the article is available in "print only" then write down the location of the journal

Using Advanced Search

  1. On the Tyndale Library website ( click the Advanced Search link
  2. Enter search terms in the search box 
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the drop-down menu beside Format. Select Article
    Note: you can also check off Only return full text articles I can view now or Only return peer-reviewed articles
  4. Click Search
  5. To access the full-text of the article see Step 5 in the Basic Search section above

Now let's look at how to tell the Tyndale WorldCat how to Search specific databases