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WorldCat: How to use it: Search specific databases

Your online tutorial on how to find resources at the Tyndale libraries and beyond using WorldCat Local

Find journal articles

Click on one of the links to access one of the following pages:

Find journal articles

Search specific databases

Find resources at Tyndale

Search for an item in the Tyndale WorldCat: >>

Searching specific article databases

What article databases does the Tyndale WorldCat search by default?

The Tyndale WorldCat searches all the electronic article databases available through the Tyndale library collections by default:

How do I tell the Tyndale WorldCat to search the article database(s) that I want it to? 

Take the following steps to tell the Tyndale WorldCat to search the specific article database(s) that you want it to:

  1. On the Tyndale library website ( click on the Advanced Search link
  2. Click on the Add / remove databases >> button
  3. Select the database(s) that you would like the Tyndale WorldCat to search
  4. Click on the Save Selections button
  5. Conduct your search using the Tyndale WorldCat

NOTE: If you want to search an individual database outside WorldCat it is often better to search that database directly. To find a list of Tyndale Library databases go to , Individual databases often allow you to search fields not included in WorldCat.