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WorldCat: How to use it: Your WorldCat account

Your online tutorial on how to find resources at the Tyndale libraries and beyond using WorldCat Local

Your Tyndale WorldCat

Click on one of the links to access one of the following pages:

Your WorldCat Account

Create lists & bibliographies

Create works cited list

Find resources at Tyndale

Search for an item in the Tyndale WorldCat: >>

What is a WorldCat account?

A WorldCat account is different from a borrower's account. For information on your Tyndale Library borrower's account please visit the Your Library Account page

A WorldCat account enables you to do the following:

  • Create lists and bibliographies of resources that you can save and share with others
  • Find other lists and bibliographies that you can follow
  • Save searches that you can go back to at a later time
  • Create works cited lists in one of the major citation formats used at Tyndale
  • Review saved items, add tags to saved items, and set up your favorite libraries
  • Create your own tags for items

In order to take advantage of these features you will first need to set up a free WorldCat account. This account is available to you in any version version of even when you are searching another WorldCat library.

Setting up your free WorldCat account

You can set up your WorldCat account through the Tyndale WorldCat. To do so, take the following steps:

  1. On the Tyndale Library page ( click on the WorldCat tab
  2. Click the Advanced Search link
  3. Click on the Sign-in link beside WorldCat in the top right-hand corner
  4. Click on the Create an account now link in the New Account section of the page
  5. Fill out the form and click the I agree link at the bottom of the page
  6. WorldCat will automatically sign you into your account.

If you would like to sign into your WorldCat account in future sessions repeat steps 1 to 3. Sign-in with the username and password that you assigned yourself on the Existing Account side of the page.

Now that we've signed up for a free WorldCat account, let's look at how to Create lists and bibliographies