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Distance Library Services Guide: eJournals

A one-stop guide to library services and resources for distance & online education students

Tyndale WorldCat

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Searching for eJournals

Many of the journals that the Tyndale Libraries subscribe to are available in electronic format online. There are two ways to search the eJournal collection through the Tyndale Library collections

1. Tyndale Journal Directory:

  1. Go to the Tyndale Library website:
  2. Click on the Online Resources tab
  3. Click on the Journal Directory link in the Other Online Resources box
  4. Enter the Title or the ISSN number of the Journal
  5. Click the Find Journals button

The search results will advise you which electronic databases contain the eJournal. The search results will also tell you the date ranges of the eJournal.

2. Tyndale WorldCat

  1. Go to the Tyndale Library website:
  2. Enter the Title of the eJournal into the Search Bar with the prefix so:

    "so:" is an index lable telling the search engine to search for the Journal title. For more index labels see the WorldCat: how to use it research guide

  3. Click the Search Catalog button