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Theology: Indigenous Perspectives: Find Background Information

The purpose of this guide is to help users find printed and electronic resources related to Indigenous perspectives of Christian theology available at the Tyndale libraries and beyond. Thank you to our former Education Librarian Mark Mueller who created a

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Find electronic resources

Finding background information

The Tyndale Libraries' online and printed Reference Collections contain encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases and other resources that are designed to provide users with an authoritative overview of a topic of research.

The Tyndale Libraries' Reference Collections are a good place to start your research because the resources provide:

  • introductory information on research topics and subtopics to research more in greater detail
  • information on the dialogs, debates and questions in regards to specific topics of research 
  • information on the authoritative voices and opinions in specific topics of research
  • information (i.e. bibliographies, suggested readings, etc.) on where to find more resources related to a topic of research

For a comprehensive list of the Tyndale Libraries' printed reference collection, please click on the following LINK.

Click on one of the tabs in this box to see lists of recommended reference collections and as well as recommended reference titles for theological and indigenous studies.

The following is a list of the Tyndale Libraries' online reference collections that contain a number of encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks and commentaries to help you get started on your research. Use your MyTyndale log-in information to access these collections.