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Theology: Indigenous Perspectives: Find Online Resources

The purpose of this guide is to help users find printed and electronic resources related to Indigenous perspectives of Christian theology available at the Tyndale libraries and beyond. Thank you to our former Education Librarian Mark Mueller who created a

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Find electronic resources

Find Online Resources

Finding online resources:

The online world contains a wealth of information that is created by different authors and communities. Although you should start your electronic research using a library catalog or database there are times when a website found through a search engine, such as Google, that might contain resources that you could use for a scholarly paper. 

The following list of questions are some helpful guidelines to think about when searching for electronic scholarly materials in the online world.

Click on one of the tabs in this box to see a list of recommended links for theological and indigenous studies from the Tyndale Libraries.

Critically assessing a web resource:

  • Who created the website? And for what purpose?
  • Who was the website created for? Is the content of the website suitable for the audience's information need and/or context?
  • What worldview and/or perspective does the content of the website represent?
  • Is the creator of the website an authority on the topic they are writing about? What makes them an authority of the topic they are writing about?
  • Are there any important voices or perspectives missing from the content of the website?
  • Are there any restrictions to anyone accessing the information on the website? If so, what are they? And why?

Recommend a link:

If you would like to suggest a website or another online resource to be included in one of the list of links above, please us an e-mail and we will consider adding the link to one of the lists.