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Biblical Studies: Commentaries

This guide will lead you to library and external resources that will help you in you biblical studies research.

Print Commentary Series in the Reference Collection

The commentaries in the Reference collection are for use in the Library. There are often duplicate copies in the stacks that can be borrowed. Note that commentaries in the stacks are shelved with the individual books of the Bible while those in Reference are shelved with their series. As a result they have different call numbers.

Commentaries below are categorized according to academic level: Technical, Expository, and Devotional.

Technical works assume a knowledge of Greek and Hebrew, and are often written from a more critical, non-evangelical perspective.

Expository commentaries are ideal for exegesis and preaching.

Devotional works are non-academic and useful for Bible studies.

For your essays, you will generally want to avoid using Devotional commentaries. Make use of Technical commentaries and some of the more in-depth and technical Expository commentaries.

Online One Volume Commentaries

Guides in Selecting Commentaries

How do I find commentaries I can borrow?