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Biblical Studies: Biblical Studies Databases

This guide will lead you to library and external resources that will help you in you biblical studies research.

Full lists of journals

Open Access Journals

What are "open access" journals?

"Open Access Journals" are fully peer-reviewed reporting on original research in a variety of disciplines. These journals are available for free to the public and can be accessed by anyone with internet connection.

The following is a list of gateways to "open access" journals.

Databases for Biblical Studies

Choosing the right database

What is the "right" database?

What makes for the "best" database often depends entirely on your topic of research.

For instance: if you're writing a research paper on the Babylonian Exile you may want to consider finding articles using the Old Testament Abstracts database as opposed to the New Testament Abstracts database. If you're writing a paper on the First Council of Jerusalem (Acts 15:2), you may want to consider using the New Testament Abstracts database for your research as opposed to the Old Testament Abstracts database.

Some databases, such as JSTOR or Academic Search Premier, cover multiple academic topics. You may want to consider one of these databases if your studying a topic in religion from a historical, psychological or a sociological perspective.  Therefore, it is important to read the descriptions of the database while keeping your topic of interest in mind when selecting the best database for your research project.

In short, what makes for the "best" database for one topic doesn not necessarily mean that it's the "best" database for the next topic. Therefore be sure to read the descriptions of the database before selecting a database for your research.

For a full list and descriptions of the databases that the Tyndale Libraries currently subscribe to, please visit .