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Ontario K-10 Curriculum Resources: SMART Boards

A guide to Ontario K-10 curriculum resource materials available through and beyond the Tyndale library. Thank you to our former Education Librarian Mark Mueller who created and designed this resource!

SMART Board Resources

SMART Boards are interactive whiteboards that combine the medium of the traditional whiteboard with the power of the computer.

Teachers can use SMART Boards to create interactive lesson plans, write notes in digital ink, and save all their work using the touch, write, and save capabilities.

This page contains links to online training materials, lesson plan banks, and directories of SMART Board-friendly sites.

If you would like one-on-one training in the use of SMART Boards please contact me.

Find electronic resources

SMART Technology Teacher Resources

SMART Exchange is the cental hub for SMART Board lesson planning resources and for connecting with other teachers from across North America.

Online SMART Board Resources

SMARTBoard Training and Tutorials

SMART’s training resources will teach you how to use your SMART Board interactive whiteboard and the SMART Notebook software.

Subject Guide