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Ontario K-10 Curriculum Resources: Getting Started

A guide to Ontario K-10 curriculum resource materials available through and beyond the Tyndale library. Thank you to our former Education Librarian Mark Mueller who created and designed this resource!

Tyndale WorldCat

Search for an item in the Tyndale WorldCat: >>

Find electronic resources

Find Ontario Curriculum Documents

The Ontario Ministry of Education website provides online access to curriculum documents as well as examplars, policy documents, and teaching guides.

To browse these curriculum documents by subject and grade level select one of the following links:

To Education Library also has hard copies of the Ontario curriculum in the Government Documents and Reference collections.

To find hard copies of the Ontario curriculum in the Education Library go to the Tyndale WorldCat and conduct a subject search for the term "Education Ontario Curricula".

Add your subject (i.e. Mathematics) as a keyword to narrow your results.

Find Curriculum Resources by Subject

The following subject specific pages contain research tips and examples of printed and electronic curricular resources.

If you require further assistance please contact us at

Selection Criterion

When selecting a curriculum resource it is important to critically evaluate the resource. The following criterion, adapted from the British Columbia Ministry of Education, is designed to assist educators in this critical process:

1. Supports the Ontario curriculum

2. Content is current

3. Content is accurate

4. Scope and depth of coverage is appropriate to student needs

5. Material has significant Canadian content

6. Level of difficulty is appropriate for intended audience

7. Content integrates “real world” experiences

Subject Guide